Simplechian(SIPC )Mining Tutorial

Created:2019-08-27    Updated:2022-09-28

Introduction of simplechain

SimpleChain is a public chain with a main chain and multiple sub-chain structure design. It supports multi-consensus and multi-service scenario blockchain deployment and expansion through multi-level distributed value network design. Chain trading, support sub-chain to meet the tens of millions of TPS, involving distributed computing, judicial digitization, digital auctions, real estate, entertainment games, transaction settlement and other multi-application scenarios, and jointly build a new digital economic ecosystem.

Blockchain browser:

Mining step

Small mining machine mining

1. Visit the official website of the simplechain

2. According to the type of computer system, download the corresponding version of simplenode (requires the latest version)

3. Exit the anti-virus software and double-click to run the Simplenode installer.

4. After the installation is complete, run Simplenode via a desktop shortcut or search application. When running for the first time, the software will automatically connect to the node and synchronize the data. It takes a certain amount of time. After the data synchronization is completed, the user can enter the simplenode management interface. Before mining, you need to complete the following steps:

  • Create a wallet address and create a wallet address in Account - New Account
  • Connect the small miner to the computer
  • Select "Mining mining - mining pool mining", replace the mining pool address in the mine mining setting with the elephant mining pool mining address, miner name "child" Fill in the form of account name. miner name, such as "laojun.001", where the sub-account name is the account name when the elephant mine pool is registered, and the miner name can be filled in by letter or number.

5.After completion, click on the confirmation to mine, usually about 1 minute to display the power

6. If you need to check the mining revenue and the calculation of the calculation power, you can log in to the official website of the Elephant Mine Pool and select “SIPC Mine Pool” to make an inquiry in “Revenue”.