HandShake(HNS)Mining Tutorial

Creation time:2020-06-15

Introduction of HNS

Handshake is a decentralized domain name system that integrates registration, authentication, transaction, and resolution of domain names, focusing on the registration, authentication, transaction, and resolution of DNS top-level domain names (TLDs).

Official website: https://handshake.org/

Block browser: https://shakescan.com/

Exchanges: Hotbit, Gate, Namebase

Mining algorithm and mining environment

Mining algorithm: Blake2B + SHA3

Mining equipment: GPU/FPGA/ASIC

Operating system: Windows, Linux

Mining software: qskg, NBMiner, etc.

Register a account

DxPool HNS uses sub-account name instead of wallet address for mining. If you want to mine HNS, you need to register the sub-account name first.

Phone registration address: https://www.dxpool.com/register/phone

Email registration address: https://www.dxpool.com/register/email

HS1 mining

1、Download the Goldshell Miner installer from the official goldshell website. Also download STM32 serial driver “STSW_STM32102_V1.5.0.rar”. Then install them all.


2、Connect the hardware

Connect the HS1 miner with USB cable to computer and plug in the power cable.

3、Configure the mining pool parameters.

Open Goldshell Miner,click the mining pool setting icon, input the url of the pool, username, and password.

Pool URLhns.ss.dxpool.com


User: account of DxPool


4、Start to mine HNS

Click the start mining icon and observe the hashrate, if it reaches up to 50GH/s(tolerance is -+ 5%), then the miner is operating normally.

view earnings

After the machine runs for a while and submits the data to the mining pool, by visiting the DxPool official website, in the home menu bar, click on the HNS mining pool, and you can see the operation of the mining machine in "Manage".