Sugarchian(SUGAR )Mining Tutorial


What is SUGAR?

Sugarchain is a pure CPU POW open source project that is completely driven by the developer community and complies with the MIT agreement. The main goal of the project is a technical breakthrough attempt at the bottom of the main chain of the blockchain. The total number of releases is about 1.07 billion, which is halved every two years and all released. It takes 66 years to complete.

All developers and project participants of Sugarchain are volunteers, and there is no crowdfunding, no pre-mining, no node rewards, no development rewards. The development team (volunteer team) is only responsible for the technical output and maintenance of the main chain, and is not active Participate in marketing activities.

Mining device

Sugar supports CPU mining, such asAMD 3900X, etc.

Preparation Before Mining

Wallet address: dxpool lthn uses the wallet address for mining. If you want to mine lthn, you need to obtain the sugar wallet address first.

Mining software: Download cpuminer mining software before mining.

Configure Your Mining Device

1. Download cpuminer-opt-sugarchain through the above link, select "Unzip the file to the current folder", and find the "run" file, as shown below:

2. Right-click "run" and select "Edit". In the "run" file, the parameters are set as follows:

cpuminer.exe -a yespowerSUGAR -o -u wallet_address.miner 
goto loop

Among the above parameters, pay attention to several parameters:

wallet_address: fill in your SUGAR wallet address

tn: n fill in the number of threads you want to run

miner: your miner name

3. After the setting is completed, as shown in the figure below:

4. Save and close the file, then double-click the "run" file to start mining.

Start Mining Today

Your machines are now ready to mine!

As long as you’re submitting your hashrate successfully, you will receive payouts from DxPool.

To view your real-time Kadena payout records, visit the DxPool website or Download DxPool app.

Check the earnings

After the machine has been running for a while and submitted data to the mining pool, you can view the mining machine's operating status and profit situation. You can access the official website of DxPool , enter the wallet address in the search bar in the upper right corner, and click View, you can view the status and profit of the miner.